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What is ZesTrip?

A Traveler
is ...

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Not a tourist!
A curious person, who tries to immerse himself in the local culture, rather than standing out

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- Home dinners
- Hikes
- Walking Tours
- Sailing Experiences
- Bike rides
- Workshops
- Cooking classes

A Local
is ...

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A tour guide, a mountain guide, a sports fan, a cook, a personal shopper, a professional photographer, a other words, a Local Expert! :)

On ZesTrip, Local Experts with a positive attitude and a passion for their job and can find new clients and business opportunities. Are you a Tour Guide, a Personal Chef, a Private Driver, a Mountain Guide or another professional that works in Tours & Activities? Sign up now!

Why become a local in ZesTrip?

It's free!

Joining ZesTrip costs nothing. Your qualifications and skills are essential, but a great passion is the extra element we're looking for! Our network includes thousands of Travelers, both Italian and foreign.

Full control!

We will help you to orient your offer and decide the suitable price, but in the end you will have the last word. You will decide when to be available, and will have full control of your bookings.

You can chat!

You can communicate directly with the Travelers who are interested in your activities.
Answer their questions, define the details of the experience and understand their needs.

We are with you!

We will be with you throughout the whole process. From the design of the activity, to the final publication, and also during the first bookings.
We can communicate through email or phone, as you wish.

Become a Local now!

Become a Local now!

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